Lightwave. Like Google Wave only much less

2009-10-29, Categories: erlang, coding, web

I felt sorry for all those who don't yet have a Google Wave account, and I was impressed with their demo. And I also wanted an Erlang project.

So I killed three birds with one stone. I made Lightwave. It's like Google Wave only:

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Holy ip packet Batman!

2009-10-17, Categories: cisco, network, qos


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Autotools is nice

2009-10-01, Categories: autotools, coding, unix

I was recently asked why autotools was so good. I thought I might as well post what I answered.

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Spanning tree limits

2009-06-28, Categories: cisco, spanning-tree, network

I'm compiling a list of spanning tree and VLAN limits on different switches. This is what I've come up with so far. I don't have an authoritative source for these, but in many cases this is hard to get from specs.

If you go over these limits, bad things will happen! (broadcast storms, VLANs disappearing, cats and dogs living together. That sort of thing)

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What should have been default on Cisco devices

2009-04-10, Categories: cisco, network

Some things on Cisco switches and routers never should have been on by default. Other things should have been turned on or set differently. This is not how I want them to be configured in the end (I like CDP for example), just how I think they should have been configured from the factory.

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Moving a process to another terminal

2009-03-21, Categories: unix, coding, tty

I've always wanted to be able to move a process from one terminal to another. For example if I've started a long-running foreground process (such as irssi or scp) outside of a screen and I have to log out my local terminal. I looked around and there doesn't seem to be any way to do this.

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