Yubico is awesome

2011-07-16, Categories: security, coding, unix, hsm

Yubico and their products are awesome.

That pretty much sums up this blog post but I'm going to go on anyway. If you're thinking of introducing two-factor authentication to your company, or you're using something that's fundamentally broken (like RSA SecureID) you simply must at least take Yubikeys into consideration.

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OpenSSH certificates

2011-07-05, Categories: unix, security

The documentation for OpenSSH certificates (introduced in OpenSSH 5.4) are, shall we say, a bit lacking. So I'm writing down the essentials of what they are and how to use them.

What they are NOT

They're not SSH PubkeyAuthentication

In other words if your .pub file doesn't end in -cert.pub and you haven't used ssh-keygen -s, then you aren't using certificates.

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