The wonder of UNIX is that you can delete running binaries and loaded shared libraries. The drawback is that you get no warning that you’re still actually running old versions. E.g. old heartbleed-vulnerable OpenSSL.

Server binaries are often not forgotten by upgrade scripts, but client binaries almost certainly are. Did you restart your irssi? PostgreSQL client? OpenVPN client?

Find processes running with deleted OpenSSL libraries:

$ sudo lsof | grep DEL.*libssl
apache   17179      root  DEL       REG        8,1               24756 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

Or if you’re extra paranoid, and want to make sure everything is using the right OpenSSL version:

set -e
if [ ! "$1" = "" ]; then
INODE="$(ls -i "$LIB" | awk '{print $1}')"
lsof | grep | grep -v "$INODE"

A few points

  • Run this as root in case lsof otherwise wouldn’t be able to get at the data (e.g. if you run grsec)
  • This assumes all libssl is on one filesystem, since it only checks inode number
  • The easiest solution is of course to restart the whole machine, but there’s really no reason to if you don’t want to