I made a tool to check if your TPM chip is bad. Well, it extracts the SRK public key and checks if it’s good or bad. If the SRK is bad then you can bet all other keys are bad too.

This will also detect the case where the firmware has been fixed, but you have not yet regenerated the key hierarchy on the TPM.

If the SRK is weak then not only are very likely all others keys you generated in the TPM weak, but also anything generated outside the TPM and imported is crackable, since your blobs are encrypted using this crackable SRK key.

In other words: After upgrading firmware you need to re-take ownership of the TPM, which will regenerate the SRK.

Example use:

$ g++ -o check-srk -std=gnu++11 check-srk.cc -ltspi -lssl -lcrypto 2>&1 && ./check-srk
Size: 2048
Outputting modulus…

(use -s if you have an SRK PIN)

Thanks to marcan for a much better checking script than the one provided by original authors.

For more info about the Infineon disaster see this relevant paper.