Last month I graphed the distance to remote stations as a function of time of day.

Today I plotted the gridsquare locations on a world map:

Grid squares heard

Ignore the top right one. That’s “RR73”, and not a real grid square. The rest should be accurate.

More that can be done (more interesting with more data than I can get, though):

  • also take into account the received signal strength
  • …and number of unique callsigns per grid square
  • create animations over time

If I had access to the data from pskreporter I could even, instead of using just a callsign as input data, use a grid square as input.

So for example I could create an animation to show what the propagation was over the last week from any given gridsquare, and generate them on-demand.

Like last time the scripts are pretty hacky proof of concepts. But they work.