Interesting Arping bug report

2012-10-04, Categories: unix, coding, network, arping

A few months ago I was strolling in the Debian bug tracking system and found a curious bug filed against Arping, a program I maintain.

It said that unlike Arping 2.09, in Arping 2.11 the ARP cache was not updated after successful reply. I thought that was odd, since there's no code to touch the ARP cache, neither read nor write. Surely this behaviour hasn't changed?

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10 years of maintaining an open source program

2010-04-01, Categories: arping, coding

Arping 0.1 was released 10 years ago last month or so. It's since been included as a package in Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and NetBSD, Gentoo and some other smaller and bigger OSs and distributions.

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